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 During my first week as an Area Director for Area K75 from 2020 to 2021, my week was filled by visiting all clubs in my area at least once, and officers installation ceremonies.  


I thought it would be nice if I can give the incoming officers a small token of appreciation.  For sure, I can’t give something that involves money because this is volunteer work and there are a total of 35 club officers.



Official Toastmasters Zoom BackgroundS


I thought of providing a digital name tag with their officer role since most clubs meet online during the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, Toastmasters is very protective of its logo and trademarks. I absolutely don’t want to waste much time reading up all those guidelines at this moment.


Instead of coming up with my design, I decided to use the Official Toastmasters Zoom Backgrounds from Toastmasters International. Toastmasters International offers three different designs of zoom background. You can pick the one that matches your style.



Creating Toastmasters Zoom BackgroundS

I’m using the white background with the office chairs, also known as the C2 format, as my base background. I don’t plan on making any changes since I like the simple layout from the official background.


If you want to create your own version of the virtual background, you can use the free version of Canva, an online graphic design platform. I will share some resources that I used for creating the virtual background in this article, but I will NOT be showing step-by-step instructions here.



Gotham Font used in the Toastmasters Zoom Background



To comply with Toastmasters guidelines, I tried to match the font type of officer’s role with the Toastmasters official logo. I found the Toastmasters Brand Guidelines and learned that the primary font is called “Gotham.”


I searched the internet to find the Gotham font because it is not available in Google Fonts repository. Finally, I found Gotham font at that allows me to download the font for free, as long as I don’t use it for commercial purposes.


I uploaded my new font and the Toastmasters Zoom background to Glorify (my favorite image editor software). I quickly created seven different Zoom backgrounds with the officer role on the top-left corner. I kept the design clean and simple. I was impressed with the result, and I had to create an additional one for myself, as the area directory for area K75 in Austin, Texas.


Composing the Toastmasters Zoom Backgrounds



Do They Like It?


The first time I handed these backgrounds is at the club officers’ installation for the LaunchPad Job Search Toastmasters. I shared the file one at a time with each officer after I called their name and their responsibilities.


Unfortunately, I forgot to send the background file to the secretary. Not too long after the meeting is over, the VP of education from LauchPad reached out to me and informed me that the secretary didn’t get her background. Of course, I immediately sent the background to her.


I’m happy that my plan to give this background as a token of appreciation works. Someone is actually asking for the background when I forgot to send it to her.



You can have it too


Initially, I plan on making these Toastmasters Zoom backgrounds exclusive to all club officers in my area only. However, I’m in a good mood and I feel like sharing these with all officers who want it.


Thank you for sharing your talent and time to help others.




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Toastmasters Zoom Background for club officers
08 February 2021

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