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I came across this old Gary Vee's video on YouTube.



In this video, he shared advice to all people who are just starting a business.  Create content to get your name out and get recognition from others.


The key to creating content that scales:

  1.  Keep it simple, don't go fancy.
  2. Document your journey, don't create
  3. Produce 20 to 50 content on multiple platforms
  4. Start creating, don't just think
    1. If you can't create, facilitate
  5. Take advantage of your environment and surrounding, including the people around you.


It might take a while for me to be able to create 20 to 50 pieces of content per day, but if I start experimenting and documenting, even my mistakes and failures can be valuable lessons in the future for me and others.


Document Journey

23 August 2022

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