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Have you ever heard a sales story so interesting that you had to buy that product even though you weren't sure you needed it?
Yes, I have.
Honestly, it's hard to say no when the sales copy describes how I can use their product to improve productivity and save money while starting my digital marketing agency.
One of the critical elements in building a landing page for your lead magnet or sales pages is to create a compelling story that hooks your reader.
But... is there a framework that we can copy?
Well, today is your lucky day!
One simple formula to create an enthralling story is to apply the Hero's Journey.




1. The ordinary world
Introduce the hero and his current situation. Let the audience understand his situation and dilemma. Show what life is like for the hero, what's missing?
2. The call to adventure
Something happens to change the status quo. The hero must face the beginning of change and head toward the "special world." Once you pass the "new world" tests, you bring balance back to the ordinary world.
3. Refusal of the call
The hero almost refuses the call. The hero or secondary character expresses fear and worry about the danger ahead.
4. Meeting the mentor
The hero meets a mentor accustomed to traveling between the ordinary world and the "special world." The mentor equips the hero with training, equipment, and advice. The hero searches and finds courage and wisdom within.
5. Crossing the threshold
The hero commits to entering the "special world." The "special world" has unfamiliar rules and values.
6. Test, allies, and enemies
The hero endures tests in the "special world." He makes friends and enemies.
7. Approach
The hero and his new friends prepare for the most crucial challenge in the "new world."
8. The ordeal
The hero faces their most significant challenge in a central space in the "special world." They might die. They ultimately survive and are reborn stronger than before.
9. Reward
After surviving the challenge, they get the reward they were looking for, the reward that can restore balance to the ordinary world.
10. The Road back
11. The Resurrection
12. Return with the elixir

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30 January 2021

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